Detection of Water Leaks below concrete or in units and houses

Free Call Plumbing will provide you with leak detection service which is supplied to loss adjusters, insurers, builders, facilities, plumbers, building, and homeowners to trace the location of water leaks. Such leaks are visible in various positions within a property.

Following the detection of the source of the leaks, we will provide you a full remediation program in order to restore the commercial and domestic properties back to the original condition, with minimum disruption of your work.

Plumbers in Baulkham Hills will help you in locating leaks in the pipes. The most commonly used is the thermal camera. These cameras can identify the differentials in surface temperatures and will show leaking water at a different temperature. These cameras are very beneficial as they can identify very small differences in the temperature on the surface of different materials. Thus you can identify the pipes that are buried in the floors and the areas which are hidden within the building structure. The main advantage of these cameras is that they are non-invasive and the survey is undertaken without causing minimum disruption.

Our services will help both the industrial and municipal water service providers with accurate, 100% non-invasive transmission main leak detection. Get the following benefits:

  •  Fast, easy, and cost effective
  • Detects the leaks over great distances
  • It does not require specialize ports or the flow alterations
  • Do not disturb the water service
  • It’s not limited by the pipe material size