Electric Eel-Water Jet Sewer: Free Call Plumbing

Blocked drains create trouble everywhere. In spite of what type of pipe or drain you have blocked, it results into a major inconvenience. Blocked drains results in the storm water and can run through your house, property, gardens, lawns, and carpets. For business, it will affect the productivity and sales by reducing the customer visits.  The foul smell and the power cut are some of the dangerous problems associated with drain blockage.

The most reliable way to remove built up grease and obstructions from the blocked drains is by using water force through the water jetting systems. We use the modern water jetters cleaning machine completely clears away blocked sewer pipes in Sydney.  This machine possesses an adjustable nozzle which provides high pressure drain cleaning to clear the blockage.  By using the different length nozzles and hoses, we will control the water pressure to fully flush out any roots, grease, or the foreign objects that can cause blocked drains.